I got five references and they were all really, really good, very complimentary about your work - please see below....

In summary Geoffrey is the most professional person I have come across in this industry

I can recommend Geoffrey wholeheartedly, he was always totally on top of everything, straight forward, diligent creative and pleasant. There were never any troubles arising from his work or input and when issues arose with the builder they were handled completely without any fuss or unpleasantness.

Always exceeded my expectations with service, simply a very nice man who cares about his work.

His service is excellent. He has never missed a meeting or failed to take a call from me.

His finance / accounting is all spot on. He's incredibly level headed and calm. He doesn't get fazed at all which on a big project is very important.

These are just a couple of lines from each reference, each were long and detailed and like I said, very complimentary about you.



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