RIBA personal reference for Geoffrey Prentice We have worked with Geoffrey Prentice on the two following projects:

  • 2008-2009: design and planning permission for the redevelopment of our ground floor and building a basement for our house at 34 Crediton Hill, London NW6 1HP (a project that was not implemented as we sold the house).
  • 2009-2011: conversion of three flats into a single house/dwelling and the building of a basement flat at 14 Heath Drive, London NW3 7SN.

For both projects Geoffrey was our architect at the design and planning stages. The Heath Drive project was implemented over an 18 month period where he was our project manager as well as our architect.

In summary Geoffrey was a pleasure to work with – he is creative, has a excellent understanding of space (both from a practical and aesthetic perspective) , balances directional advice with responsiveness to the brief of his clients, works well with builders and has a great eye for detail. More specifically he:

  • Understands what the client wants to achieve – getting the brief correct and agreed at the outset.
  • Advises well on a sensible budget and associated costs, and is rigorous and dedicated on advising and ensuring that projects are delivered "on budget"
  • Uses his imagination to create a proposal scheme that incorporates the brief and holds to the desired budget.
  • Pushes the planning boundaries in order to maximise potential.
  • Uses light and space to their full possibility ‐Is available to discuss any concerns of the client.
  • Has good organisation of work – keeping to time and programme. ‐Was helpful and knowledgeable of the building process and being able to give sound advice throughout the project.
  • Always calm, re-assuring and available on the telephone or to pop over at all times.
  • Keeps to fee agreement and good account records.

Yours sincerely,
S & D.L


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