Geoffrey worked on another house in the Mill Hill area and was recommended to me as I was looking to buy a derelict house to renovate. For many months he came to various houses and sites and did initial research on each one until finally I found an old house which needed extensive renovation and remodelling.

He planned the house to the finest detail and went through many designs until we finally settled on the architectural look / layout for the new house. He was very understanding of what I was trying to achieve and his designs were sympathetic to this. We were trying to create a modern house which would also work well with 2 children. I wanted something very open plan with large entertaining space but also with the flexibility to close off areas of the house. Geoffrey understood what I was tying to achieve and worked with me towards creating both a modern but functional home. The house we created was absolutely unique and maximised both light and space.

His service throughout the project was excellent.

He has a good relationship with Barnet Council which was very helpful especially during the project when plans needed to be slightly adapted.

Geoffrey managed the project to fruition and helped with all aspects of interior design. He has a strong list of contacts from structural engineers to bathroom designers which he made available to me and seemed to know all the local suppliers for kitchens / bathrooms etc.

It was a big project. Over 4000 sq ft, 6 bed / 4 bath.

His finance / accounting was all exactly as laid out during our initial meetings.



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